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This site was created by and for fans of the talented actor/entertainer, Sean Berdy. In this fan community, as a member, you can: 

    • Get up-to-date news about Sean Berdy
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We do NOT own any of Sean Berdy's products or trademarks. We have no affiliation with him or anyone of his team and/or agents. Please, do understand that this is a fan page, and it was made to provide information and fun to all of Sean Berdy's fans. All pictures and videos were found on the internet and compiled here, we do not own them and if there is any problem for any post or sharing of any photo or video, please contact us and we will remove it. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Fan Mail

Switched at Birth Cast

ABC Family

Switched at Birth

PO Box 300

Neenah, WI 54957


**Please, note we cannot guarantee that this address is still current. If you know another address, please let us know. Thanks


We want to provide access to and from the Deaf community through the support of Sean Berdy's work and career. How?

1- Supporting Sean's work so he can become a well known celebrity and recognized by the world. Supporting his fans to get the information needed for their studies and learning about the Deaf community

2- Inspire fans and people in general, to learn about the Deaf culture. Inspire Deaf people to embrace their culture and follow (or be inspired by) Sean's work.

3- Encourage ALL, Hearing and Deaf, to learn ASL and continue their journey into the Deaf culture, make the difference in the community and reach to a better future to all Deaf and Hearing alike.



Sean Berdy Group Administrative Team

- Odie H.

- Kat B.

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